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The landscapes by Paul Bangay have been designed to provide a sanctuary for the architecture to sit within, and to enrich the daily experience of residents.

These are organic and inviting spaces that seamlessly blend indoors and outdoors. The plant selection emphasises texture, movement and softer elements, all grounded by carefully arranged crazy paving and steppers to bring balance to each environment.

As envisioned by Paul Bangay, the landscape design of Como is a living composition that captures both the classic elegance of the area’s ordered gardens and the vibrant character of Toorak today.

By aligning the visions of the architectural and landscape teams, the entire building and its surrounding spaces are imbued with a sense of harmony. Mirroring formal principles established by Jolson, the curved façades are echoed in rounded garden walls and paved areas, with textural foliage cascading over the hardscape to soften every space.

Paul Bangay

Grounded in a career spanning several decades, Paul Bangay has a peerless reputation for distinguished and timeless landscape design.

Across his diverse portfolio, Paul’s signature is his ability to blend natural and built environments. Working hand-in-hand with architects such as Jolson, he captures a shared vision in design, creating gardens that are not only beautiful now but will thrive and continue to provide delight for years to come.

Paul Bangay is one of the country’s most sought‑after garden designers. With close to forty years of experience, he brings a rare mastery of scale, balance, form and colour to the planted environment of homes in Australia and around the world.

Paul draws on a lifelong study of the natural and classical worlds to create effortlessly simple yet elegant gardens. Beyond being visually beguiling, his landscapes are fully functional outdoor living spaces that are a seamless and softened extension of a residence’s architecture.

Through deep horticultural knowledge across native and introduced species, Paul is also able to ensure each of those green spaces will flourish across the seasons and will stand the test of time.

Paul Bangay

“We seek to create balanced, high-end gardens that use quality materials to ensure their natural beauty will continue to grow.” — Paul Bangay

View through the rose garden at Paul’s country house, Stonefields
The Summerhouse at Stonefields