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The architecture has a sense of permanence, with a design language that balances solidity and lightness. Recalling the art of a handcrafted sculpture, the façade appears to have been shaped by carefully chiselling away to reveal its unique form: sophisticated, sensitive and robust.

The architecture of Como has a purposeful design language, inside and out. From the series of soft and chiselled edges that complement one another, to the generous proportions of hallways and living spaces, everything has been considered for a heightened residential experience.

“The building’s detail meanders between chiselled forms and curved edges from the exterior to the interior, creating a holistic design language and a distinct design identity.” — Mat Wright (Director, Jolson)

For Jolson, it was imperative that the façades would have architectural strength as well as an authentic sense of character.

The façades of Como comprise a curated series of architectural elements, materials and landscaping. Premium and robust materials such as handcrafted Spanish bricks, textured render and a series of column elements all integrate with deep, recessive balconies and garden beds.

Entry to Como is through large, artisanally made steel gates to an arrival lobby celebrating the built form, floating gardens and natural light from the sky above. Here, residents and visitors are welcomed by the building’s daytime concierge, imbuing daily life with the care and attention of a hotel experience.